¡Ay, cosita linda, mamá!

That universal melody inspired by the dream of a woman was, in 2006, the basis for the creation of the graduation project of fashion designer Natalia Gaviria, who gave life to the brand, which fuses her Colombian roots and sensual flavor of the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic, where she lives now.

It is on this paradisiac island with endless beaches where this journey full of Latin charm, joy, and sensuality inspired by love goddesses of sun and eternal summer started. There is where Cosita linda was conceived, a brand created for a beachwear and resort wear universe that has positioned its name not only in Dominican Republic but in various countries of Central America, South America and Europe, becoming a strong benchmark among swimsuit brands and entering markets where it is now highly competitive.

The collections are inspired by current references, reading of international trends and the development of specialized research by a creative team for every season.

Cosita linda is characterized by the use of special materials, unusual and colorful mixtures with a graphics-inspired craftsmanship and world cultures, textures and bright colors of each collection evoke heavenly places, jungles, seas, deserts, fields.

The intentional creation of coordinated and balanced textures, accessories, and colors give the brand its added value product. The use of embroidery, applique, and handmade accessories are a fundamental feature of the brand.

We are a young and dynamic company dedicated to developing garments for the beachwear and resortwear universe.

We strive to grow each day facing the market dynamics, focusing on good business practices to ensure offering our customers comprehensive services.

Our greatest commitment is focused on high quality and good service, all in the hand of our greatest resource, our employees.

We love what we do and put the best to carry it out, highlighting our roots and the cultural heritage that precedes us, in order to expand beyond our borders.

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